My Atlanta Photography Studio {Atlanta Photographer}

January 12, 2015

Wow, 2 years sure does fly when you are busy!  I can’t believe it has been that long since I moved into my Atlanta studio and boy has it come a long way!  It is a very small room and with the vaulted ceilings it can feel even smaller, so I have definitely made use of the tiny space as you can see from the photos below.

The first thing I did when I moved into the studio was build a real wood floor.  Well, when I say “I”, I mean my “hubby”!  I was pregnant at the time with our 2nd baby, so with the help of my in-laws, we all built and stained the floor. It was a labor of love for sure!  In the last 2 years my prop supply has grown tremendously.  Yep, I can admit it, I’m a prop buying addict.  But, I think most photographers probably are at some point!  It does become addicting because the newborn photography props out there are so cute!  I am busting out of the studio with everything I have and I don’t even use half of the stuff!  I have a few favorites props and blankets that I use and mainly just stick with those for my newborn and child photography sessions.  I definitely need to do a purge of the stuff I don’t use anymore.  This will free up some room in the studio so I can buy more!  Oh wait, that defeats the purpose! ha! 😉

My mentor, Amanda, from Pumpkin Pie Photography, gave me the great idea for hanging the curtains to separate the room.  The curtains are attached to the ceiling so when I have a newborn photography session I can close off the part where I will be taking the pictures with the newborn, since it will be over 80 degrees in that area.  This way mommy and daddy can rest comfortably and not feel like they are in a sauna for 3-4 hours! lol!

I hope you enjoy these pictures from my Atlanta photography studio.  My newborn and maternity photography sessions are done in this studio as well as my baby photography min-sessions.  Please send me a message if you would like more information on newborn photography or baby milestone photography.  Also, I now offer mini-sessions for newborn photography.  Check out my pricing page for more information.   🙂